What a wonderful way to keep all your prized possessions or ribbons your dog has earned in the agility, obedience or conformation ring. These boxes are made of red oak, pine, poplar, or maple and can be made with a head silhouette or side full body view of your dog.

We specialize in making customized products. We can create any breed of dog you request as well as horses, cats or any other animal.

Contact us with any questions.



duck box2

8 x 5 x 5 $70.00

10 x 8 x 6 $90.00

12 x 10 x 6 $100.00

Shipping $13.00 (
add an additional $1.00 if you are located west of the Mississippi)

Words can be added for 80 cents per letter.Larger boxes such as the Golden Retriever above can also be made.

Our pet urns make a special final resting place for your devoted family member. Made of red oak, pine, poplar, or maple. These urns are sized according to your needs.

border collie urn

westie urn collage

The standard price for Urns is $100.00. For Giant breeds please contact us for price

Shipping $15.00

Words can be added for 80 cents per letter.